The 40M Dollar Investment to Change Television Advertising

While Mike Arrington and Co. was bickering over PayPerPost and Blogola, he failed to cover what I consider huge news for the blogosphere and for the entire new media industry.

SpotRunner has taken 40M dollars in funding from various parties including CBS. I see this as a huge development that companies should take seriously. It’s becoming more and more of a reality for small businesses to place local television ads. Even small web based startups.


Because of companies like SpotRunner and Google’s Demarc Acquisition

So What is Spotrunner?

logo sr The 40M Dollar Investment to Change Television Advertising

However you want to describe what they do — local TV buying platform, small business ad agency, geotargeted video advertising – Spot Runner is on a roll. The company just closed a $40 million round that includes mega-ad/marketing agencies Interpublic (IPG) and WPP, as well as CBS. Also involved were Allen & Company, Tudor Investments, Capital Research and Management, individual investors Lachlan Murdoch and Vivi Nevo, and original Spot Runner investors Index Ventures and Battery Ventures.

SpotRunner, has been developing geotargeting for franchises and national businesses (for local broadcast and cable), as well as selling locally targeted TV campaigns directly to small businesses. Most recently the company announced a partnership with agency JWT (part of new investor WPP).

According to co-founder David Waxman, this investment reflects how complementary Spot Runner’s capabilities are to national branding campaigns run by these major agencies. “This is about helping brands with their local programs.”

According to the press release:

* WPP plans to use Spot Runner’s web-based platform to help clients target ads across all media channels more effectively at the local level, while maintaining a consistent brand message.
* IPG views this relationship as an opportunity to add another dimension to its market-leading local, direct response and hyper-targeted communications solutions.
* For CBS Corporation, which has offerings in the television, radio, Internet, outdoor and publishing segments, Spot Runner’s innovative technology offers a more efficient and consolidated system to sell its diverse ad inventory and an additional channel to bring new local advertisers to its media properties.

Hat Tip: Screenwerk

To read the full Press Release
on the investment. check out Business Wire.

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A Break For Some Blogospheric Humor

Warning: This video not suitable for Babies, Whiners, or Blogospheric Execs without skin…

For More Funny Videos Check out 1938Media

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A Year In Professional Blogging

It’s been nearly a year or more I don’t really keep track since I launched Jack of All Blogs, thus taking my profile and everything to a new level in the blogosphere. There have been a lot of great things this year. New Friendships, Business Partnerships, and well lots of change. It’s all been very defining to me. It’s like a painting that’s in constant change for the better. I’ve learned how to launch blogs ( Read this new blog if you dont know how )

I’ve travelled a lot. Been to a lot of major us cities as a result of blogging. Here’s my story, here’s my thank you to the blogosphere for a great year.

Blogging was never supposed to be anything real. I started blogging on Jack of All Blogs more or less as an amusing joke. I’d like to first off thank Paul Scrivens for well being a good sport and not hating me too much for being disruptive. I’ve never always agreed 100% with the guy but he’s a good sport, and I hold a lot of respect for him still to this day.

Life during Phase JOAB brought me in contact with some interesting folks that I hold dear to this day. Because of Jack of All Blogs, I met a wonderful woman who I met up with and have a lot of respect for. I still care a lot about her. And well it was a learning experience.

I also had a chance to travel to about every major US City to work on developing some contacts that later morphed into some big opportunities. Because of blogging I’ve met friends and business partners alike including people I tend to think of as good friends to this day.

Great Blogging Friends (to name a few)
Chris Pearson
Matt Craven
Micah Sparacio
Ben Bleikamp

Companies I’m Thankful For
Text Link Ads
Sea Waves Technology

People that need thanks just because
Prince, for all the fun memories.
Brian, for the advice and inspiration.
Meme, for entertainment reading.
Matt, for the great software.
Andy, for free SEO Tips.
Patrick, for lots of little things.

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About his latest compilation of people’s secrets, Frank Warren says, “I think it’s the book I created for me, the book I wish I had had when I was in high school.”

“My Secret” is a compendium of young people’s “passions, desires, joys, remorse and hopes … sometimes exaggerated because they might be feeling isolated,” he says.

Founder of the Web site PostSecret (, Warren says isolation and loneliness are recurring themes in the thousands of secrets he attracts from strangers.


This should be a good read, as well as a coffeetable discussion book. If you haven’t checked out Post Secret, its a great little site to watch. And it provides a little bit of humanity that we all need to read everyday.

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Google doesn’t understand Zefrank’s GimMeSomeCandy

Google who does no evil has shut out Zefrank, the evil communists gimmesomecandy micropatronage site for not producing a real product and selling said non-product or soliciting donations using the almighty Google checkout.

In Response Zefrank has started taking PayPal, and issued this brief statement via the website :

“Recently strapped with YouTube, Google seems to have a problem with
video blogs that can actually generate revenue. Way to move the
internet forward, jackass.”

Watch Today’s Episode

Double Hat Tip
Sam Harrelson
Cowboy Bob Scoble

*This message was paid for by the GoogleDoesLoadsofEvil Political Action Committee and should not be construed as a PayPerPost Sellout, or an actual paid review from ReviewMe instead its the personal opinion of a genius, also known as The Celebrity Cowboy.

Performancing launches new blog ad network

The guys over at Performancing have been working on hard on their blog ad network. In fact working so hard it had gotten quiet minus for Chris Garret and Brian Clark’s insights.

The long wait is over and Performancing is now accepting new bloggers to join their network. I’ve signed up and a few other folks I know have also signed up so its should be exciting watching advertisers start jumping onboard and seeing the new ads going live.

For more info on Performancing Partners visit them now.

For a more extensive review check out Darren Rowse’s Review.

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How To Survive in a Post Chartreusian Blogosphere

Charteuse Beta is no more. It’s now “Chartreuse 2.0” and it costs 9.99 a month. No big deal. Unless your like me and just barely getting by at the moment even after being in the in club. And contrary to popular belief even though I helped fuel the site at the beginning I didn’t receive a personal invite through the backdoor. In fact…I was suprised I didn’t. But its all good.

It’s easy to survive in a Post Chartreuse Blogosphere. I’ve always been amused by Chartreuse. It’s a mix of critical and yet revealing posts that seemingly make you think and yet reveal the obvious.

It’s words mashed up in such a way that its like you thought them yourself. And while he will be missed we can finally continue using Chartreusian post titles without feeling guilty. In fact a whole new generation of bloggers will enter the blogosphere and not have any idea of where they came from. Charteuse will make US look like geniuses.

In the beginning Chartreuse talked about other people… more and more he has been talking about his own projects and promoting them on all of his sites. This was why some were critical of the New Orleans project and The Blogging Times as it appears to be semi-self promotional at times.
Although overall a great publication.

So if you are in need of some Chartreusian Inspiration feel free to check out some of these free thinkers that you might not have heard of, and a few you probably have.

Brian Clark
Scott Karp
The Other Chris Pearson

Or if you get really uninspired you can always do what I do. Stand on my head do a shot of Saki and Sprite for every single one of your blog posts. By the time your finished your either really inspired or you won’t remember being uninspired.

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Overcoming Adversity While Blogging

It’s good be back at ‘work’ at The Blog Herald as well as the other many projects I’m working on. After a brief meet my maker type week a few weeks ago I definetly ready to get back on the blogging horse.

I’ve always admired Darren Rowse’s ability to just keep blogging away like the wind. Even though I know he’s faced his share of adversity. Duncan Riley as well. These two aussies are to of my favorite blokes and well two very different guys who inspire me.

Blogging becomes less important when you are staring at the inside of a 10 x 10 cell in a Mexican prison sharing space with 30 other people. Yet somehow the blogosphere becomes an inspiration. The skills we develop by interacting with many people of different backgrounds becomes relevant. The friendships I developed out here in the Wild West become sorely missed. The internet has become real by familiarity.

Over the last few months I have faced more adversity than I probably ever have in my life in a short period of time. Yet it’s been bloggers who have kept me upbeat and refreshed. To me this is what is so great about the blogosphere. It’s filled a void in my life that was largely missed before.

The blogosphere is my family and it has treated me overwhelmingly well. Often times providing a source of income, friendship and community in places I never imagined. Just like the real world their are bumps and things that don’t make sense but its refreshing to see in our world today.

I’ve left Mexico, and Southern California and returned to the East Coast marking my 6th or 7th Move of the Year. But all for the best. I spent a lot of time reflecting in that cell. And one of things I contemplated was blogging. It’s effect on my life and how unimportant and important it was. Blogging is here to stay in my world even though I wanted to throw in the towel a few days ago. I’m here to stay because the people are so central to my life.

I still haven’t determined how much sitting in that cell did for my life. I know its changed me for the better. But I’m curious to see what lies ahead. And what that means for my blogging.

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