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101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006

Andy Hagans asks some cool questions over at The SeoBook Blog

The pertinent questions:

1. Will link building still be very important for rankings in the medium term?
2. When will link popularity be devalued in favor of other algo elements (that are less tedious, from a webmaster’s point of view)?

Check it out…
I confess this is a little geeky but could very well be the difference maker in creating yet another blog and the next big blog.


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One lonesome reply...

  1. I really appreciate this work because it has many method to reach his success easily.We as student work hard and get his success.It all depends upon the possibilities of the person.That was amazing for the peoples.
    regards, saad from

    By Saad Amir on December 29, 2011 10:35 pm

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