Blogging as pedagogic practice

More Teachers and School Districts are using blogs and blog networks. But what about mentors and their pupils. This article is a great insight.

147951960 9b7c3a476c m Blogging as pedagogic practiceBlogs come to us as the latest in a series of technological innovations that have been hailed for their revolutionary potential (Mitchell 1999). They share in the utopic aura of the personal computer, the internet, the mobile phone, the wireless network and most recently the ipod.

On the other hand, blogs have also been dismissed as just another software program that encourages the internet equivalent of vanity publishing. Hailed as citizen journalists by some, bloggers are rejected, as just the latest incarnation of the scandal/attack instincts of tabloid journalism, by others. In education, blogs are pitted against their predecessors, (primarily discussion boards and email) which are now seen as “traditional” technologies.

While this is a simplistic overview of the blogsphere and its representations it begins to signal the complexity of the field in which blogging occurs and tries to understand itself. It signals something of the “it” moment in which blogging is currently being introduced to a wider public. However it is also indicative of the mechanistic way in which blogging is being explored and understood. Too many people are asking what blogs can do before they really understand what blogs are. I believe this is particularly true in the two spheres that concern me most as a journalism educator.


Create Your Own WordPress Widgets

Now anyone can create their own WordPress Widgets! This really rocks. Use it to create your own custom wordpress widgets.

152617303 dd0bedf081 m Create Your Own Wordpress WidgetsThere are many WordPress plugins that should be converted into sidebar widgets, made compatible with the Automattic Widget Plugin, but, for whatever reason, have not yet been converted. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a generic way to call other plugins from within a sidebar widget? Now there is! Introducing…. Widgetize Anything!

Basically, it works just like the built-in text widgets, except that it allows you to put in PHP code into the body of the widget.

Update your version of WordPress Automatically

117843467 895357e1a4 m Update your version of Wordpress Automatically

Brad Touesnard has created a really cool hack to keep your WordPress installation up to date and secure.

Wouldn’t it be excellent if your installation of WordPress could patch itself with the latest security update? Well, I’ve thought of a way to do just that.

How To Make Your Blog Look Cool

Ben over at weighs in on How to Make Your Blog Look Cool. He touches on an issue that is often overlooked. Typography. Which happens to be one of my favorite areas of study on the web lately.

1. Typography for the common man
2. Stop scaring readers away with a lot of text
3. Stray from the traditional blog layout
4. Color is great…if you know what you’re doing.

You definetly want to read the rest of this article.

China To Move Towards Real Name ID System Online

China apparently is tired of annoymity, in an effort to bolster “security” online. China will force users to register online with their real names. Looks like all avenues of freedom are being squashed in the big red state.

Officials with the Internet Society of China (ISC) have confirmed that China is exploring adopting a real name system in parts of the Internet, Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Hu Qiheng, chairman of the board of directors of the ISC, was reported to have said on Tuesday at Info China 2006 in Beijing that China is making attempts to strike a balance between individual privacy and public interests.

“The past understanding of privacy is too absolute. Not only China, but also the whole world, should realize the necessity of balancing individual privacy and public and national interests,” he said.

A new system is likely to be adopted, requiring Chinese netizens to submit information like real names and ID card numbers when they register a blog or a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) account.

Your Blog is Your Party: A Lesson in Posting Frequency

The title really sums it up well here. But the following bit of information is hugely valuable. And will surely be one of those lessons that will be etched in our minds here at 901am as we continue to grow.

If you don’t post regularly, people (and search engines) will tend to give your blog less priority. Let’s put aside those who blog as a hobby – that’s a different story.

If you or your Company have a blog or would like to start one, don’t blog once in a blue moon. Blogging is more than sharing infomation – it’s:

* engaging in conversations
* talking to people
* listening to comments and considerations
* providing useful information

Read The Rest of The Article on Why Your Blog Is Your Party

Bloggers Call for Boycott of Technorati

Some in the blogosphere are calling for the boycott of technorati after Edelman and Technorati have tied such a close relationship. Edelman is the PR company that has done work in specifically in the blogosphere with Walmart and has been engrained in a scandle about transparency.

Yet Technorati has never come out and said why they tied the knot so closely and what that means for bloggers. Does Technorati pass the data on to corporate interests.

Which I’m sure is a possibility. You be the judge.

Female Venture Capitalist is a Pioneer Blogger

A Blogger is a Blogger right? Well when it comes to females in the Venture Capitalist space. Susan Wu is a pioneer. Much like her investment arena. She one of 3 partners who’s heavily involved in Quick Start and her area of passion is virtual worlds. Definetly someone to plug into your rolodex if you are moving into that arena and want a friendly female perspective.

Her new blog Reality should be a great read.

Susan Wu is an associate at Charles River Ventures, and becomes the latest in the rare group of female venture capitalists writing a blog (you can count them on one hand).

The blog is called Reality, a play on the theme of her interest, which is virtual worlds. She’s one of the three partners at CRV who made waves earlier this month after launching the Quickstart seed program for start-ups.

Via VentureBeat

Is There Value in Newspaper Blogging?

Todd Zeigler asks if their is value in Newspaper Blogs

There is an interesting conversation taking place over in the United Kingdom about the value of newspaper blogs. Andrew Grant-Adamson, a journalism professor at the University of Westminster, started the debate with this a post asking “What is the Purpose of Newspaper blogs?”

Personally I wish newspapers shifted into more a collective approach pulling headlines from their major blogs onto the “Front Page” of their sites and engaged their readers more.

Huffington Post to Move into Original Reporting

The Huffington Post will be bringing on a former Newsweek staffer to cover hot political topics and the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election. Big news as new media continues growing and competing with mainstream media.

I’m just waiting for HP to launch a video blog to compete with the nightly news.

The Huffington Post, which started about 18 months ago as a political Web site for celebrity bloggers, is preparing to venture into original reporting, with plans to cover Congress and, already, the 2008 presidential campaign.

Arianna Huffington, who started, said yesterday that the site had hired Melinda Henneberger, a print journalist most recently with Newsweek magazine, as its political editor. The site has about 2.3 million unique visitors a month, making it one of the more popular blog sites.

Via NY Times