End of Year Add To Technorati Favorites Drive

It’s the end of the year. People that know me know how much I’d love to make gazillions of dollars. In order to keep adsense off the front page and off the article pages of the main 901am site for an entire year I need people to be extremely generous to 901am. I’m not going to ask for money. Just as the title explores I want you to Add us to Technorati. You can find it in the sidebar or below each post. If we reach the top 25 you can rest assured you won’t be seeing any adsense on the main portions of 901am for an entire year.

Now get busy adding us to the favorites. Call it my Christmas Wish.

Update: Here’s the link Add To Technorati

Google looks back on a year of blogging

logo Google looks back on a year of bloggingGoogle blogging team looks back on a year of blogging

More for the numerically inclined: 7.6 million unique visitors generated nearly 15 million pageviews this year. Aside from the U.S. and UK, readers come from India, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands. Which sites send us the most readers? The top non-Google referrers this year are the influential Digg.com and Slashdot.

While you might not have such huge numbers. Remember blogging is about evangelising your customer base, increasing your friend base, and sharing your opinion. Don’t be shy. Be real.

The End of Wallstrip

After Howard Lindzon jumped on board with video blog Wallstrip everyone assumed this was a great idea. But after shucking 20k a month to hire producers,actors, and people to make his ego feel good. Howard Lindzon could be showing signs of regret or desperation.

253729201 0606874745 m The End of WallstripWallstrip’s founder Howard Lindzon had hired Prince Campbell to consult on the project, the once famous blogger who seems to have disappeared after allegations of fraud, and misuse of finances from various past investors, and clients.

Now Lindsay Campbell (of no relation to Prince Campbell) , Howard Lindzon’s host could be on the outs with a big ticket media company quietly looking to snag her. My props to Lindsay if this rumor is true.

I personally can’t think anyone is in their right mind to invest 20k a month into a project that only gets a few thousand viewers. But dumber things have been done.

Dont’ know what Wallstrip is? Don’t worry about it. Just go check out these hot clips of Lindsay doing some Volvo commercials. It’s far more interesting.

In Praise of Third Place

Matt Mullenweg of PhotoMatt hightlights again the tendency of a lot of companies to put their focus on market share vs profitablity. He references easily one of my favorite articles of the year from the New Yorker. I referenced it earlier when we first began 901am. It’s a great read if you haven’t already picked it up.

AdMonsters launches job site

adm black redbackground 350px AdMonsters launches job siteIf you have done any ad sales online you’ve probably heard of AdMonster. They are the leading online ad sales membership group and the only one I know of. They’ve just launched their new job site, AdMonster Jobs. This could be useful to you up and coming blog networks, and other folks who are in need of advertising for an ad sales operator or someone to run your advertising technology.

Veotag makes videoblogs more searchable

Veotag has developed a technology to index videos, meaning, distinct sections of the video are defined as “chapters”with distinct url’s. The company is applying this tool to teaching institutions and to marketers.

So what is veotag:

veotag is an exciting new service that lets you display clickable text, called “veotags,” within an audio or video file.

Your audience can see the veotags whenever they play your file on the web. Clicking on a veotag lets your audience jump right to that part of the file.

Blogsmith to launch in early 2007

blogsmith Blogsmith to launch in early 2007One of our beloved readers and an AOL staffer has let us know that Blogsmith is gearing up for an early launch in 2007. It’s competitors should obviously be a bit shaken. They include MovableType and WordPress.

Blogsmith was originally developed to power early blog network pioneer, Weblogs Inc founded by Jason Calacanis.

Blogsmith was developed by Brian Alvey.

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10 Web OS Options to Windows Vista

youos 10 Web OS Options to Windows VistaWell, not really, but one can dream, right? I find Web 2.0 fascinating and so do a lot of other people as well. We’re seeing web services that pushes the way we use the internet and the web browser forward all the time. E-mail and calendars have since long moved online for a large part of the web working crowd, and more is to come.

Could you perhaps move online, totally? A web operating system, wouldn’t that be neat? Just have something to boot up your computer and run a web browser, the rest – applications as well as your files – are stored on a server that runs its own OS. In the web browser, of course. Google’ll do it, right?

Well, my guess is that we’ll have to wait until late next year before we’re even remotely close to this, but still, there are people who are trying, making web based OS applications for your web browser.

I have yet to try one that I would even consider, but don’t take my word for a fact, check them out yourself in the Big WebOS Roundup post over at Frantic Industries. If nothing else, it’ll provide you ten links to check out.

Gmail accounts gets mail deleted, POP3 support on the way

Gmail has certainly hit the blogosphere recently, with a lot of noise from users having all their e-mails deleted. It seems it was a fairly isolated event though, with 60 or so users being the case according to Google’s response over at TechCrunch.

Gmail, being the Hotmail of Web 2.0, have had its problems, but since it’s still in beta, and still free, I find it hard to make too much noise really.

And now they want to bury Outlook once and for all, with cupoming POP3 downloading support. That is, you’ll be able to use Gmail as you e-mail program to download POP3 mail accounts to Gmail, just like you do with Outlook. Now that’s a feature I’ve been craving, although I already mimic it with setting up forwards from my POP3 accounts and sending e-mails with them as well through other account settings in Gmail. But actually downloading them is new, and pretty nifty if you ask me. Some users have gotten the opportunity to try this feature out, read about it at Google Operating System.

Now, please Google, for 2007, how about you actually make Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets and Reader to work nicely together, easily browsed and so on? Go from lots of services to left and right, to a truly packaged solution, please. Thank you, and bye-bye Outlook.

Google Zeitgest not about most searched keywords

googlezeitgeist Google Zeitgest not about most searched keywordsFrom the Google Blog, in response to raised eyebrows regarding the 2006 Google Zeitgeist:

The Zeitgeist is “the spirit of time.” This is why when we come up with the lists of top searches on Google.com for 2006, we do not simply retrieve the most frequently-searched terms for the period — the truth is, they don’t change that much from year to year. This list would be predominated by very generic searches, such as “ebay”, “dictionary”, “yellow pages,” “games,” “maps” — and of course, a number of X-rated keywords. These are constants, and although unquestionably popular, we don’t think they actually define the Zeitgeist.

Basically, Zeitgeist is Google’s take on what’s hot, but not necessarily most searched for. To make sure everyone gets it, Google have updated the Zeitgeist page with new wording.