Behind The Blog Herald Sale

Disclaimer: I helped negotiate the sale of The Blog Herald between BlogMedia Inc, now ProBlogging Inc and Duncan Riley. I also brokered the sale of The Blog Herald to its current new owners who wish to remain private.

The Blog Herald sale was something that was in the works for a few weeks, and it comes at a great time for the ProBlogging Inc team. I personally have good faith in the historical value of that site. However, I’m a little suprised at what appears to be the initial desire for the management of The Blog Herald to remain private.

At one point in time I was in negotiations with The Blog Herald to take over management of The Blog Herald. It was during these negotiations that I decided to start this new site. I’m already really glad I did.

I’m very happy for the new management team and I look forward to seeing what they do with the site. It’s my deepest hope that they continue a high quality style, and treat its readers and bloggers with great care. In my own personal observation they have to be very careful on this ground.

However , I’m disappointed with their lack of transparency regarding the new ownership of the site. I think the blogosphere relies on the transparency of ownership and interests to be able to make a judgement on its reporting. Nearly every time I try to make disclaimers regarding any conflicts of interest that I might have. This will not be possible with a private/non disclosed ownership arrangement.

I wish them the best of luck moving forward. And will be cautiously watching the future development of the site.

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  1. Congratulations, David, on yet another successful negotiation. :)

  2. As Liz said above ;) and cheers on being the middleman. I think that in itself is a skilled talent.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. :)

  4. I heard 9rules partnered with b5media, Google, and Yahoo to pay for the Blog Herald. Just a rumor, though…

  5. Ben,
    I’m laffing my ass off on that one. Actually dude you have it all wrong its Syntagma Media.

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