interviews Frank Warren about his book release a local Pennsylvania internet video channel interviews Frank Warren on the heels of his new book “My Secret”’s release. An interview following the jump


About his latest compilation of people’s secrets, Frank Warren says, “I think it’s the book I created for me, the book I wish I had had when I was in high school.”

“My Secret” is a compendium of young people’s “passions, desires, joys, remorse and hopes … sometimes exaggerated because they might be feeling isolated,” he says.

Founder of the Web site PostSecret (, Warren says isolation and loneliness are recurring themes in the thousands of secrets he attracts from strangers.


This should be a good read, as well as a coffeetable discussion book. If you haven’t checked out Post Secret, its a great little site to watch. And it provides a little bit of humanity that we all need to read everyday.

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