End of Year Add To Technorati Favorites Drive

It’s the end of the year. People that know me know how much I’d love to make gazillions of dollars. In order to keep adsense off the front page and off the article pages of the main 901am site for an entire year I need people to be extremely generous to 901am. I’m not going to ask for money. Just as the title explores I want you to Add us to Technorati. You can find it in the sidebar or below each post. If we reach the top 25 you can rest assured you won’t be seeing any adsense on the main portions of 901am for an entire year.

Now get busy adding us to the favorites. Call it my Christmas Wish.

Update: Here’s the link Add To Technorati

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  1. People are lazy and you should provide a link to to this as well.

    http://www.technorati.com/faves/?add=http://www.901am.com is the link to use! :)

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