How To Survive in a Post Chartreusian Blogosphere

Charteuse Beta is no more. It’s now “Chartreuse 2.0” and it costs 9.99 a month. No big deal. Unless your like me and just barely getting by at the moment even after being in the in club. And contrary to popular belief even though I helped fuel the site at the beginning I didn’t receive a personal invite through the backdoor. In fact…I was suprised I didn’t. But its all good.

It’s easy to survive in a Post Chartreuse Blogosphere. I’ve always been amused by Chartreuse. It’s a mix of critical and yet revealing posts that seemingly make you think and yet reveal the obvious.

It’s words mashed up in such a way that its like you thought them yourself. And while he will be missed we can finally continue using Chartreusian post titles without feeling guilty. In fact a whole new generation of bloggers will enter the blogosphere and not have any idea of where they came from. Charteuse will make US look like geniuses.

In the beginning Chartreuse talked about other people… more and more he has been talking about his own projects and promoting them on all of his sites. This was why some were critical of the New Orleans project and The Blogging Times as it appears to be semi-self promotional at times.
Although overall a great publication.

So if you are in need of some Chartreusian Inspiration feel free to check out some of these free thinkers that you might not have heard of, and a few you probably have.

Brian Clark
Scott Karp
The Other Chris Pearson

Or if you get really uninspired you can always do what I do. Stand on my head do a shot of Saki and Sprite for every single one of your blog posts. By the time your finished your either really inspired or you won’t remember being uninspired.

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