Online Video That Matters : Part One of A Series

With the recent acquisition of Grouper, and with the valuation of YouTube is online video the element that could potentially change our world by giving real people a way to express themselves freely ? Is New Media, Citizen Generated Media the thing to give peace a chance? Can it help us learn better? Or interact with our local communities? I evaluate 3 friends who are jumping head first into video that matters. I start with my pal Terra Naomi who believes that anything is possible. With easily the most popular song in the history of YouTube as her accomplishment. She looks to start a video revolution to make a difference from Lebanon to New Orleans.

Something Good To Show You

These are all questions I ponder. And I hope for. I try to sink my time into a lot of fun, snarky, entertaining projects. And occassionally I see one that is too noble to pass up on helping out on. It’s a bit politically charged, as the people involved in the project are a few of my favorite politically charged friends of the New Media Space.

Keep an eye on Something Good To Show You .com for more details.

I spend half my day asking Chris Pearson how to fix my css. I also regularly ask my blogger boy Brian Clark for advice in dealing with my 14 and a half ex wives. He’s also pretty snappy when it comes to online business dealings. I’ve been dearly anticipating TubeTorial a new project from Brian Clark and others including Chris Pearson. And while I couldnt’ find any decent teasers online of what TubeTorial is going to offer in the way of advice. I did manage to digg up a little bit of Pearsonified UnCensored. He’s going to kill me for posting this video.

Keep an eye on for more information as it develops.

Internet Television in Rural Pennslyvania
Grassroots Media hits me as one of the things that can truly make a difference in rural communities with adversities and things to overcome. Internet TV can unite a community, educate a community and build up a community. Headed up by Pipe Up! Media’s Dan Karleen. The Berks.TV Crew interviews one of America’s first blogging mayors, Tom McMahon.

Keep an eye on Pipeup Media and Berks.TV for the latest from Berks County, PA.

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