The Blog Herald Announces Sale to Private Party

Disclaimer: I was enlisted to help broker the sale of The Blog Herald, and am a former owner of the site.

It was just ten months ago that we acquired The Blog Herald from Duncan Riley, the original founder. And now we’ve closed a deal to sell The Blog Herald to an undisclosed buyer.

It’s with a whole bag of mixed feelings that I find myself writing this post. Many of you have noticed over the last few months that we’ve been working on refocusing our company. Our core business has always been the consulting work that we’ve been doing since 1994 in one form or another. We also found ourselves not enjoying the blog network business as much as we used to do.. and with a hot market right now for existing blogs – it looked like a good time to divest ourselves of some of our sites.

But it was never our intention to sell The Blog Herald…

That was before we received inquiries from more than six companies in a short period of time. We had enlisted the help of David Krug to negotiate a sale. We quickly narrowed the bidding down to two firms.. Finally, last week while at my parents’ house, we signed the contract to sell The Blog Herald…

The more that we had thought about it – the more it made sense as a part of our efforts to refocus our company. We were wanting to focus more on the consulting end of blogging – we saw gaps in the area of blogging services that we believed that we could fill – and we knew that we enjoyed doing regular podcasts. And owning the Blog Herald was a time constraint on the things that we really wanted to…

The new owners have chosen to remain undisclosed for the time being. I do hope that they announce themselves publicly in the near future so that the sale can be as transparent as I want it to be. I do wish them the best in their endeavors in the coming months here at The Blog Herald.

It has truly been my honor to work with such a talented group of writers – Tony, Jessica, Muhammad, David, Martin, Darnell, Ben, Aaron, and Thord – you guys rock my world.

And for our readers, it’s been an honor and a pleasure.

As for me – I’ll be writing here at The Blog Herald from time to time. You can catch my new podcast at The Pod Herald and read my writings over at ProBlogging.

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  2. [...] Luckily I’m surviving and doing well. The Blog Herald Sale was kind of exhausting. Work is progressing well and if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you I’m so sorry hopefully I will catch up here in a day or two. [...]

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