Why aren’t you advertising with video?

It’s now affordable enough that every company should have a blog, and also a video tour their product. Now that web startup TurnHere is offering dirt cheap high quality video documentary services and marketing. You would be stupid not to enter the ever growing space of video.

216431657 b6d5858aec m Why aren’t you advertising with video?Everyone’s got a story. Now, for $300, you can turn it into a video ad for the Web.

Hoping to capitalize on the booming popularity of Internet video and online advertising, TurnHere, an Emeryville, Calif.-based start-up, has come up with a formula for producing professional video ads to slot into Web sites.

The company will film, edit and package a minidocumentary 45 seconds to 2-plus minutes in length. The minimum price is $300. The company will also then place the ad on search engines and other Web properties for an additional $50 a month.

Source: CNET

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