LinkBlitz:WordPress Edition

Lots of WordPress stuff floating around today. I thought I’d highlight the creme of the crop.

The Blogging Revolution a Webcast with Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (and others)

The WordPress Custom Fields Contest via Technosailor ( I’m one of the judges, yeah )

Lots of New Themes Over at Weblogs Tool Collection

Lorelle Wishes WordPress A Happy Birthday at The Blog Herald

TechCrunch20 Conference To Showcase 20 Hot Startups

Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis have teamed up to do a Startup Conference.

More Info on Techcrunch:

I am very excited to announce a new conference, called the TechCrunch20. This is a joint venture between us (TechCrunch) and Jason Calacanis, who broke the news about this earlier today. The format is simple: Twenty of the hottest new startups will announce and demo their products over a two day period. And they don’t pay a cent to do this.

My personal take is this should be an awesome get together. Hopefully I won’t have to mortgage any of your property to go.

10 Most Misspelled/Misused Words in Blogs

The following list of words that are either misspelled or misused by bloggers are important because a spell checker will not correct them for you.

Extensively misusing them throughout your posts may actually cost you a visitor or two every now and then because some folks do get caught up on these, which means they won’t focus 100 % of their attention on your incredibly valuable content!

1. Your – You’re
2. Then – Than
3. Its – it’s
4. To – Too – Two
5. Were – Where – We’re
6. There – Their – They’re
7. A – An – And
8. Off – Of
9. Here – Hear
10. Lose – Loose

Johan Holmberg has more.

Amazon adds Unbox to Associates

Yep, now Amazon Associates (that’s their affiliate program) can build links and stuff for the downloadable video content over at Amazon Unbox as well.

Associates are eligible to earn 10%, 1.5% above the highest earnings tier, on all Unbox referrals (up to $1.50 per item). There is no limit to the number of items on which referral fees are earned.

Nothing fancy, just login and get started like any other Amazon product.

Windows Vista in the blogosphere

windowsvista Windows Vista in the blogosphereIt’s no surprise that the launch of Windows Vista is hitting the blogosphere big time. Most major Microsoft launches and projects affect our work since so many people are running their software. It doesn’t get much bigger than a new version of Windows though, and with the recent debate on the evilness of the OS, and Microsoft itself (an always living topic), Vista is a bomb in the blogosphere.

I was going to link to a bunch of interesting posts for people who want to dive into the Vista coverage, but Blogger’s Blog have made a great listing so you should just check that one out instead.

Personally, I haven’t updated to Vista, and I won’t for some time either. There’s no doubt that it’s a great OS, no matter what you think about Microsoft their track record with XP, being stable and all, is promising and nothing points to Vista being severely flawed. Sure, there will be bugs to fix and security holes to close, but that’s the case with every OS out there. Microsoft is getting it hard because they rule the OS industry and making a truckload of money on it. That’s fine with me, keep them on their toes, criticize security problems and whatnot, but don’t go all fanboy flamewar on them. That’s lame.

I digress. Read real in-depth stuff via Blogger’s Blog.

Have you updated?

Technorati prepares Digg clone, WTF?

technorati Technorati prepares Digg clone, WTF?It appears that Technorati is getting ready to launch a Digg clone called WTF. Steve Rubel has screenshots, and tells us that WTF stands for Where’s The Fire, which I sincerely hope (but doubt) is a project name.

Apparently the WTF service was available for a short period of time yesterday, but displays a 404 now. Exciting!

So why? I don’t know. Why would a link tracking service like Technorati want to add direct user integration like this, and how will it complement the links from blogs on various stories? Time will tell, I guess, to say it’s a bit sketchy at the moment is a gross understatement.

LinkBlitz: 9rules Edition

When we were growing up my sister and I used to do blitzes to clean up the house. Today I’m blitzing to clean up my RSS Feeds. Here’s a run down of interesting stuff in blogging and new media that I don’t want you to miss but don’t have time to write a full post on. I’m cleaning up my 9rules folder today.

Tyme White, of 9rules has a two part series interview with Rick Klau of Feedburner concerning statistics. Part One | Part Two

Mike Rundle, of 9rules has a great interview with Juxtaviews up. Pretty interesting stuff.

Scrivs explores Why MySpace2 should be done over on Wisdump.

If you missed it Bad Behavior was released via Have Laptop Will Travel.

A great conversation about site statistics follows the Mint 2.0 Release in the 9rules Notes Arena.

Sweden opens pseudo-embassy in Second Life

secondlife Sweden opens pseudo embassy in Second LifeYep, seriously, a sanctioned embassy. You won’t be able to actually apply for a passport, but the information how such matters works will be there, as well as lots of pro-Sweden information I’m sure.

While there were individuals in Second Life calling themselves the “Canadian Ambassador” and “The United States Embassy to Second Life”, the Swedish initiative would however be the first officially sanctioned embassy in Second Life.

Wästberg hoped the embassy would open soon. In the longer term the Swedish Institute envisaged buying an island in the virtual world to create a home for Swedish companies.

Right. And The Pirate Bay wants to buy a nation. Sheesh. I’ll just go hide.

AOL closes Divester, more blogs to follow suit

divester AOL closes Divester, more blogs to follow suitThis was expected. AOL’s intentions to trim the Weblogs blog network portfolio has been known for some time. Unless I’m missing anything, diving blog Divester is the first one to go though.

AOL, Divester’s parent company, has decided to retire several of its smaller, less profitable long-running blogs at the end of the month. Unfortunately, Divester is one of those blogs.

I don’t want to paint AOL off as a big bad wolf for doing this. It’s all about business, and if Divester just isn’t doing well enough then the focus it surely requires should be shifted elsewhere. However, if I was AOL I would be gracious enough to offer the editorial crew of the blogs being closed down to buy it for a decent price calculated from the blog revenue. Perhaps they will, but I kind of doubt that.

Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, Inc., says he has approached AOL regarding buying Divester back, to no success so far it would seem.

Bill Gates thinks internet will squash today’s TV in five years

billgates Bill Gates thinks internet will squash today’s TV in five yearsNo matter what your personal view is on Microsoft (evil/not evil) you got to hand it to Mr. Big Shot himself. Bill Gates usually knows what he’s talking about. Like so many tech gurus he might be a bit premature in his predictions, but still, they have an impact and are usually more or less valid in the end.

And now TV as we know it has only five years left to live. Thank you, internet!

“I’m stunned how people aren’t seeing that with TV, in five years from now, people will laugh at what we’ve had,” he told business leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum.

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