So long, Business 2.0

business21 So long, Business 2.0

business2b1 So long, Business 2.0

Last Saturday, we received our last print issue of Business 2.0. So long, Business 2.0.

Japan’s next-generation network slated in 2015

Do you want a network that can transfer data at 10 gigabits per second? Well, you might have to wait until 2015.

According to Nikkei, Japan’s government-affiliated National Institute of Information and Communications Technology together with companies like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., KDDI Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corp. and NEC Corp. will develop an optical network that will eventually render the Internet Protocol (IP) obsolete.

In the next five years this group estimates about $260 million in terms of investment. In return, it will enable about 100 billion devices to simultaneously the network while still enjoying high-speed data transfer. Moreover, it can also provide super fast and stable internet access even on moving trains.

US and Europe are also developing next-generation networks. Knowing Japan’s penchant for precision, this project might even be advanced.

Silicon Valley predictions

siliconvalley Silicon Valley predictionsTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Chronicle has interviewed several CEOs from major technology companies to share their predictions about the future.

Just to highlight the key messages, Google’s Eric Schmidt wants to foster willingness to look for unconventional ways to solve problems. On the other hand, Umang Gupta of Keynote Systems Inc. believes the mobile Internet is the next big thing and Intel’s Paul Otellini hopes for more creativity, capital, and focus but fears complacency.

Cisco’s John Chambers shares the fear of Otellini but wants to have more courage to evolve and collaborate even with direct competitors. TJ Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor has this greatest hope of resolving the current energy problem while O’Reilly Media Tim O’Reilly dreams of affordable housing for service workers.

Although I’m not a CEO, I hope that a new Valley will emerge to foster competition, take creativity to a higher level, and trigger creative disruption.

Google acquires Zingku

zingku1 Google acquires ZingkuAs part of Google’s plan to establish a strong foothold in the mobile market, it has acquired Zingku, a social networking startup for mobile users. However, the cost of acquisition remains undisclosed.

“We acquired certain assets and technology of Zingku. We believe these assets can help build products and features that will benefit our users, advertisers and publishers. Aside from this, we have no other plans to announce at this time,” said a Google spokesperson.

According to their site, Zingku integrates your mobile phone with a personalized web site so that you can easily move (zing) things back and forth between the web and and your mobile as well as powerfully connect with friends and optionally their friends.

This is the 11th company acquired by the search giant since the purchase of DoubleClick. Other notable companies include communications company GrandCentral and another mobile social networking site,

iPod, smartphones and home theaters tutorial now available at VIDEO PROFESSOR

video professor iPod, smartphones and home theaters tutorial now available at VIDEO PROFESSOR To teach people how to enjoy music, videos and games by learning how to use the most popular digital devices on the market today, VIDEO PROFESSOR, the leader in comprehensive, self-paced computer software tutorials, is offering a three-lesson, Digital Devices Made Easy: iPod(R), Smartphones and Home.

This tutorial is ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to use the latest digital technology. Understanding these digital devices will increase your enjoyment if you have them, or save you hundreds of dollars if you are considering purchasing them.

It also provides three hours of in-depth, one-on-one instruction about all the latest and greatest technological devices, entertainment devices and web sites.

Dominos Pizza offers mobile ordering

dominos1 Dominos Pizza offers mobile orderingDomino’s Pizza is making ordering a piping, hot pizza even easier with the introduction of mobile ordering. Now, customers with web-enabled cell phones can place their order from nearly 2,500 of Domino’s 5,128 U.S. stores on

Domino’s mobile ordering site is similar to its current online ordering web site, yet even more specialized for the quick order experience. Designed for the small screen of a cell phone, features a streamlined interface for optimal speed. It also automatically adapts to the size of any cell phone screen, no matter what service carrier customers use. Once on the site, customers can enter their Domino’s online ordering username and password and all orders saved on the system will carry-over to their mobile device – including any coupons associated with the order – making re-ordering your favorite pizza meal a breeze.

Hollywood brings and to court for copyright infringement

cinematube Hollywood brings and to court for copyright infringementssupload Hollywood brings and to court for copyright infringement The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA), on behalf of the major Hollywood movie studios, has filed lawsuits in federal court in Los Angeles against and – Web sites that facilitate copyright infringement on the Internet.

Cinematube and Ssupload both highlight on their sites the availability of the latest in pirated movies that are all too often still in theatrical release. Both sites enjoy significant profits via third party advertisers and user donations.

“No matter how you slice it, the sole purpose of these sites is to disseminate and profit from creative content that has been illegally reproduced and distributed. We will continue to scour the Internet for these illegal sites, and through lawsuits such as these we are putting illegal Web operators on notice that they are not above the law and will face serious consequences for their activities,” said John Malcolm, Executive Vice President and Director of Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations for the MPAA.

I’m just wondering why this group sued only 2 Websites when a simple Google search for “free movies” will yield hundreds of sites, blogs, and forums promoting piracy. Even Google is indifferent towards piracy, as claimed by a legal watchdog group.

Will Google-DoubleClick Merger cause online advertising bottleneck?

precursor Will Google DoubleClick Merger cause online advertising bottleneck?Scott Cleland, President of industry research and consulting firm Precursor, has testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights and recommended the panel oppose the proposed Google-DoubleClick merger.

He explained that the Google-DoubleClick merger would create extreme market concentration and “tip” the online advertising market, the economically critical market which is the only proven monetization engine of Internet content, to a bottleneck. Details of his insights can be found at

“The combined Google-DoubleClick would have no effective checks and balances and little accountability to consumers, competition, regulators, or third-party oversight,” Cleland said.

GameXa: first virtual currency trading platform for gamers

gamexa GameXa: first virtual currency trading platform for gamersA new innovative gamer to gamer marketplace for virtual currency trading, GameXa, is launched to enable gamers to trade currency with their peers in a safe, secure environment with an easy-to-use interface.

In this new platform, gamers gamers can trade their excess gold without the corporate middle man, ensuring a fair price, a transparent structure and trustworthy trade. To date, gamers have been forced to deal with a limited number of ‘gold sellers’ which has led to a negative effect not only on the pricing, but also the delivery time and the level of service.

“The GameXa site will provide online gamers with a trustworthy, secure method to trade virtual currencies. Our service has been designed specifically for gamers by gamers and enables them to buy and sell virtual currency at the most competitive prices in a timely fashion. Whilst we are initially supporting World of Warcraft we will be ultimately offering support to all online games such as Warhammer and Lord of the Rings,” said GameXa marketing director Robert Swift.

MLB.Com teams up with Joost

joost MLB.Com teams up with JoostJoost sealed an exclusive partnership with MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball. The agreement grants Joost the rights to make on-demand game broadcasts and highlight clips from the 2007 MLB postseason, including the World Series, and Daily Rewind, an produced daily highlight program, available on its streaming video distribution platform to a global viewing audience.

The Daily Rewind program, a 30-minute program that features highlights from all the championship action on and off the field, will be streamed on Joost domestically and internationally, outside of Japan, on a daily basis. In addition, within 24 hours of their initial airing, Joost will begin streaming games on-demand from the Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series around the world, outside of the U.S. and Japan. All games and shows will be available on Joost for one month.