Age verification software for social networking now available

cybersitter Age verification software for social networking now availableIn response to the requests of many parents and government officials to develop age verification system for social networking, a new patent-pending technology called CYBERsitter V-Token allows parents to specify the ages or age ranges of their children and what types of content or activities that should not be allowed when their children visit a web site.

Parents simply need to download a small program that allows them to configure their preferences for each restricted user. Whenever a user visits any web site, these preferences are sent automatically to the remote server with every page request.

“It is simply not reasonable to encumber parents with an age verification process for every popular site their kids want to visit. Nor is it reasonable to inconvenience millions of adult aged users who may want to remain anonymous. CYBERsitter V-Token technology allows parents and content providers to cooperate in offering a safer environment without overburdening anybody,” said Brian Milburn, president of CYBERsitter developer, Solid Oak Software.

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  1. I think everyone should have to provide a debit or credit card number and details to all social networking sites,because you have to be 16 to have a bank account,no one under that age would be able to join,and the banks should write to the customer asking for their consent to hand over personal date of birth to the social networking site and once their age has been confirmed through the bank to the site,the person should be allowed to sign up and not before,I have had many girls claim to be 16 contact me,but some have turned out to be as young as 14,but if I was found out the authorities would blame me saying it’s my fault even though I always say no one under 16 to contact me on my profile.

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