Amsterdam, Sold! For $50,000!

msaleem amsterdam Amsterdam, Sold! For $50,000!Amsterdam, one of the landmark business in Second life, modeled on the city’s red light district, and specializing in adult content, was sold for $50,000.

The previous owner, whose avatar is called “Stroker Serpentine”, says he sold the iconic virtual destination “to focus on a new, bigger adult business”. Little is known about the city’s new custodian, except that he is — perhaps appropriately — from the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is one of the first places that most first-time players visit in Second Life, mostly due to the ‘titillation factor’.

InformationWeek has more on this titilating development.

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  3. Tamara Jones says:

    OMG so this is what happened to this business. I had no idea! I was wondering why the destination was going downhill since last Christmas season, but I was unsure and/or no one was able to give me viable information to regards of why policies and the way people working there treated customers changed.

  4. Tamara Jones says:

    …also, I wanted to know if the original owner has a new business set up. If so, would anyone be able to provide me with the destination coordinates so I may be able to check it out? OK thank you!

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