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BBC iPlayer launches

bbc BBC iPlayer launchesBBC, one of the biggest broadcasting corporations in the world, has launched to the general public its own on-demand TV service, BBC iPlayer.

This new service allows viewers to download programs for the last 7 days and will have the opportunity watch them for up to 30 days. Once watched, these programs will be automatically deleted.

However, it is still in its beta phase and full marketing is slated in autumn. Interested viewers need to register at the site to get invitations.

“It’s a revolutionary service which offers audiences more value, because from now on they never have to miss out on their favourite programmes – or those that they didn’t previously have the opportunity to try,” said Jana Bennett, Director of BBC Vision.

BBC iPlayer is far more than a standalone application. Later this year, it will become widely accessible across, as well as via links from YouTube and a number of other potential distribution partners. These potential partners include MSN,, AOL, Tiscali, Yahoo!, MySpace, Blinkx and Bebo.


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2 people thinks stuff!

  1. Putting TV content online is a great idea, but who wants yet another DRM infested player? The BBC should be working with others towards open online TV standards, not cosying up to Microsoft and embracing their proprietary technology. Imagine if the first TV signals had only been visible on one brand of TV?

    My rant continues here if anyone’s interested

    By Grant Gibson on July 27, 2007 2:58 pm

  2. [...] BBC launched its iPlayer, which generated scornful words from OnlineVideoWatch and Streaming [...]

    By Sunday 7-29 links | News Videographer on July 29, 2007 10:51 am

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