Blogger & Podcaster now online

The Blog Herald’s editor Tony Hung wrote about Blogger & Podcaster, the trade magazine that covers blogging and podcasting, being launched. The online version of the magazine’s first issue is now finally up. Impressive at 48 pages, its content and online presentation makes plus the fact of being the first issue makes it a compelling read. We say, not bad and looking forward to next issue.

Read the first issue it here.

from Blog Herald

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  1. I read/scanned it over the weekend: definitely a good read, with interesting content. The digital version looks like a magazine, with pages flipping when you click forwards or backwards. The advertising looks like print, but sometimes has embedded video.

    The only thing I’m wondering is how they’ll compete with their own website, since a month’s a long time to wait for “fresh” content.

  2. Thanks Minic. As the publisher of Blogger & Podcaster I can tell you a lot of hard work went into this. We launched the magazine in under 5 months and in 3 formats: Print, digital and podcast. Hope your readers check it out and more importantly let us know some detailed feedback on what we can be doing to make the magazine even better. Anyone can write to our editorial team at Thanks again for taking a look!

    - Larry

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