Blogging enters the mainstream

A study conducted among 1,000 adults showed that 8 out of 10 Americans know what a blog is and almost half have visited blogs. Additionally, more women than men are bloggers, with 20% of American women who have visited blogs having their own versus 14 % of men.

As blogs have gained in popularity, so has the frequency with which they’re read. Though the majority of blog readers (39%) view them less than once a month, another 28% visit them monthly, 15% visit them daily and 5% read them several times a day. Also, loyalty to specific blogs is also fairly strong with 46% of blog readers saying that they visit the same blogs regularly versus 54% who instead usually surf for new and different ones.

But even though consumers are spending more time with blogs, they aren’t necessarily replacing other media. Only 13% of blog readers say they spend less time with other forms of media (newspapers, television, radio) since they’ve started following blogs.

“Because anyone can start one anytime, blogs are not necessarily seen as legitimate information sources despite the fact that some bloggers are experts in their area. However, as their prominence and influence continues to rise, this could certainly change,” said Tom Mularz, senior vice president at Synovate.

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