CBS News buys Wallstrip

wallstrip CBS News buys WallstripWallstrip, the web show with a pop culture take on the stock market, have been bought by CBS News according to Jossip. The blog claims that the price tag where around $5 million, which should boost the wallets of investors Fred Wilson and Howard Lindzon I’m sure.

This is interesting of course, since it appears that Wallstrip is making no or little money. TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley (former blogger here at 901am) confirms the story and I’ll add my own belief to his: that CBS is looking for an Amanda Congdon 2.0 in Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell.

Nothing is said about the deal on the Wallstrip site yet, by the way. Also, the price tag will probably render us a whole bunch of web show so beware of impending video garbage…

Update! It seems that Jossip and TechCrunch have gotten Fred Wilson’s involvement a bit wrong. He hasn’t negotiated any sale whatsoever, according to this blog post, and Union Square Ventures isn’t involved either. Fred is merely a curious angel investor as it were. I’m guessing his wallet isn’t going to be that thick after all, at least not from the Wallstrip sale anyway…

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