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calacanis Danny Sullivan 1 Jason Calacanis 0Smackdown!. In case you missed it Jason Calacanis, who I still have a lot of respect for despite of what I’m about to write, hates SEO’s and continually goes out of his way to insult people in the professional, a number of whom I not only know, but also know are very, very good, professional and above board people. Calacanis’ latest post full of unnecessary hate and stereotypes has received the mother of all smackdowns from none other that leading SEO Danny Sullivan with this post, which at a guess probably took him an entire day to write. You’ll never, ever, ever read a better rebuttal online than what Danny has written in his post. Enjoy.

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  1. I have not read Danny’s response yet, but Jason is right on the money. The whole SEO/SMO field is 100% made up and people are falling for it and paying for it. SEOs and SMOs that get spotted on Simpy are regularly zapped.

  2. Otis read it.

    BTW, did you know that all black people are thieves, all Asian people steel stuff? Silly stereotypes right? So is your stereotype about SEO’s.

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