Darren’s top earners – what are yours?

problogger Darren’s top earners   what are yours?Darren Rowse of Problogger.net have a post up on what he makes money on with his blogs. This doesn’t include any speaking engagements or b5media salary or anything like that, it’s a list with the average pro bloggers in mind.

2.Google Adsense
3.Text Link Ads
4.Amazon Associates
5.Private Ad Deals
6.Miscellaneous Affiliate Programs
7.ProBlogger Job Board
8.Performancing’s Partner Network

The number one spot might surprise a few, but it appears that on the right blog, Chitika’s products work very well.

The only real money I make on blogs personally is private ad sales and spinoff such as design work and stuff like that.

Where do you make your blog money?

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  1. Personally blogging has always been a business card. I make money on the other side. Consulting and gigs.

    But that’s just me.

  2. Yeah, passive blogging income is my thing as well. But Darren’s list is good, except he left out a new and up and coming one :)

  3. I get paid to write at three different blogs as a “hired gun.”

    But on my personal ones it’s Adsense, affiliates (mostly Amazon), BlogAds, BlogHer Ad Network, private ads, and even a little paid posting (more as an experiment than a money maker).

    Like Darren at Problogger, I get a big hit from Amazon at the end of the year from holiday sales. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well I’m doing on the BlogHer Network, which only runs on one of my blogs. I think it works well because their ads are very well targeted at my audience.

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