Docstoc, the YouTube for professional documents, goes live

docstoc Docstoc, the YouTube for professional documents, goes has opened in public beta, becoming the first online community providing a library of high quality professional documents, forms, templates, presentations, and spreadsheets. Users can find and share any document and organize and access their files with online storage for access anytime, anywhere. As bonus, Docstoc will give away an Apple iPod Touch every week for the month of November to the user who uploads the most professional documents each week.

Similar to YouTube and Flickr, Docstoc harnesses the power of user generated content to provide a one-stop source for professional documents that can be shared freely, discovered quickly, and organized for easy access. Docstoc is the place to go for all content related to business, legal, technology, financial, educational, and creative work, as well as many other professional services industries.

Docstoc makes it easy to find, share, and access any type of content. Users can easily search by categories or by keywords, filter search results by views, downloads, ratings and comments, preview the documents online, and download or store content in online personal file folders for free.

Each user on Docstoc has a profile to facilitate sharing and conversations – social/professional networking is geared around content instead of just contacts. Professionals can receive immediate and objective feedback on the value of their documents and also forge potential business relationships and referral traffic.

Docstoc integrates the most useful features of private online file storage with the ability to store, categorize, and share content found anywhere on the Web. Users can upload their files and mark them public or private, categorize docs in their own personalized directories, organize the files into folders, send documents to their online storage, and share with trusted contacts or the entire community. People can also request content, by keywords or categories, and have it delivered via email.

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