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Dodgeball founders dodging the end?

dodgeballThe founders of the Google acquired Dodgeball have abandoned ship, according to Valleywag.

What is Dodgeball I hear most people say? Dodgeball was acquired by Google in 2005, no idea for how much, but given the fact that most people have no idea what Dodgeball is, it’s fair to say, not a lot.

But from all accounts Dodgeball was the Twitter that never happened in its time. The service was all mobile phones and location, but that’s about as far as it got, having stagnated in the Google pile of companies they bought just because Sergey got out of bed on the wrong side one morning.

RIP Dodgeball. You were a service before your time, or as the case may be a service who sold out too early because your founders were too greedy. May our children and childrens children say “Dodge what” for all the time to come.

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