eMusic offers Steve Jobs lifetime subscription for his new iPhone

emusic eMusic offers Steve Jobs lifetime subscription for his new iPhoneeMusic, the world’s largest retailer of independent music and the world’s second-largest digital music service after iTunes, announced that it is offering Apple CEO Steve Jobs a free lifetime subscription. The offer was made to thank Jobs for his support of the removal of digital rights management (DRM) software from online music. Because every track sold on eMusic comes without DRM, it’s the only significant legal music download service, other than iTunes, whose tracks will play on the iPhone. In honor of Apple’s release of the iPhone this week, eMusic is offering 35 free tracks to anyone who signs up for an eMusic trial at www.emusic.com/phone, including new iPhone owners who may be feeling a little light in the wallet after dropping a few hundred dollars on the hotly anticipated handset.

“We know Steve Jobs loves music, so for his new iPhone we thought he might want something a little different from the Top 40 fare that iTunes focuses on,” said David Pakman, eMusic President and CEO. “eMusic specializes in the best music beyond the commercial mainstream, from breaking indie rock acts like Arcade Fire and the National, to jazz greats like Charles Mingus and Miles Davis, to electronic breakouts like the new release from Matthew Dear. All Steve has to do is call me up from his iPhone and I’ll get him a free lifetime pass to all the great music he can handle. We hope that he and all other iPhone users will explore what eMusic has to offer.”

Editor’s note: The offer to Jobs is cute but he can afford any music that he wants. Why not just give it to someone else… maybe to Bill Gates if he will buy himself an iPhone. But wait, Gates is rich. Just raffle it off!

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