Exclusive: Inside Project Kokua

Following our coverage yesterday of Jason Calacanis’ Project X, we’ve received some inside information on the Project.

The working name, as now reported at ValleyWag is Kokua, although ValleyWag suggests the final name will me Mahalo.

The Project itself is not Wikipedia meets Google as some reports have suggested, but rather Wikipedia meets podcasting.

Each major wikipedia section: cars, video games, news, etc.. will have a paid host that does a daily show and builds a community that will populate the Kokua/ Mahalo Wiki which will have fan/expert based editorials.

Fans will be encouraged to send in their videos on subjects a bit like correspondents, similar to what Rocket Boom currently does (where our insider believes Calacanis credits the idea) and the fan who gets picked for the show that day gets paid $50 or $100, an idea which our insider says Calacanis picked up from Al Gore’s Current.TV

Our mystery insider continues:

Calacanis thinks he can make passionate VIDEOS and highly-ranked wikipages that capture not only Google Adsense [revenue] but video revenue, the videos will be placed on every video service and Jason has two studios built. So if you become a great correspondent you can get to work out of “the studio” as he referrers to it sort of like winning on a game show… you get promoted to be a cast member (like Howard Stern or Flavor of Love–his two favorite examples)

We also had some links to screenshots of the new service provided however the links are now dead.

Having read this I’m going to revise what I said yesterday, this isn’t a Topix Clone, this is a Weblogs Inc clone with a focus on Podcasting/ Videocasting as opposed to blogging to get around the AOL NDA.

More if and when we get it, and of course thanks to our mystery insider for the tip.

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