Fun With Twitter: WordPress Plugins

Of course, instead of using a Feedburner BuzzBoost mashup of Twitter, you could use Alex King’s WordPress plugin, Twitter Tools. (If I’m not mistaken, Alex King is one of those names you see in the default blogroll when you set up a new WordPress blog. He has a great WordPress Theme Browser that also lets you easily download themes you like.)

His Twitter Tools plugin only works on WP2.1 and up, but it takes recent Twitterings and collects them into a single blog post. This is apparently configurable, as he explains in his Proper behavior for a Twitter archiver WordPress plugin and Twitter tools roadmap posts. (You can see an example at Fun Anymore.)

Once he has all features in place, you be able to configure the plugin to create “daily digest” posts of your Twitterings, thus turning your microblogging back into a sort of regular blogging. One really interesting feature Alex is thinking of implementing is being able to Twitter directly from your blog’s sidebar.

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  1. would love to hear what you think about our twitter mashup over at

  2. Hi Drew, thanks for alerting me. I’ll check it out.

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