GoodWidgets: Killer Photography Widgets For Your Blog

goodwidgetsrock GoodWidgets: Killer Photography Widgets For Your BlogThe rise of the widget has been lauded around the web in various places. But I have yet to be really excited by any. This next widget hits a soft spot for me. It’s a widget but it’s also a killer photography display product. Good Widgets allows users to create photo widgets for their blogs,MySpace,or other social networking platform and share it with friends, family, readers, customers, any one that stumbles upon their creation.

widgetsrock GoodWidgets: Killer Photography Widgets For Your Blog

Check em out and get some for your blog.

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  1. I am not sure about this plugin, although the display of the photos looks slick from a usability point of view it is definitely not optimal.

    Bounce mode: the vertical thumbnailbar on the left keeps changing position.

    Lightbox: what is wrong with displaying pictures without having to turn your head to adjust to the right angle? (same goes for Stack)

    Book: “turning” the pages is dreadful and the corners for clicking are just too small.

    In general it seems slow (Flash) and in a lot of modes I miss basics such as previous or next buttons.

    Or am I being to critical? It’s just that I have been looking for such tools for a while now and this one seemed to be promising but then lacks in general usability. Right now I am trying out ZenPhoto with the ZenPress WP plug in which seems a nice and clean way to integrate a gallery into your WordPress blog.

    Love to hear more opinions!

  2. No I agree. There are some things I would improve from a usability standpoint. This is definetly a tool some would use. Mostly blogger hosted blogs and myspace blogs and what not.

    I’ve never used the ZenPress plugin will have to check that out for my personal blog.

  3. David,
    Thanks for the post, and we are pleased to hear that you like our widgets.

    Sorry to hear that our service does not appeal to you, but our goal is not to just make one kind of widget. We are trying to develop a diverse collection, each with their own unique style. Did you try the “slideshow” widget? I believe it may be more like what you are looking for. Also, the “book” does actually have a large clicking area to turn the pages. If you get anywhere near the corners, they curl up to your mouse. Then you can click or drag.

    Thanks again for the post and feedback.

  4. Well actually, while it does not directly appeal to me I do think that it is a nice plugin in general. I am a semi amateur/semi professional photographer so I am somewhat critical in this respect. I would like more influence over how I display my pictures. But for the general user who wants to add his pictures to his blog or MySpace it is a nice and slick looking plugin.

  5. Can ANYBODY tell me where the heck i paste the code that i done in
    into my myspace artist profile????
    thankyou :)

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