Google acquires photo-sharing site Panoramio

panoramio photo sharing Google acquires photo sharing site PanoramioGoogle is acquiring Panoramio, a photo-sharing site where users can “map their photos” by linking them to the exact location on the Google Earth maps where the photos were taken.

Based in Spain, Panoramio has been using the Google Earth technology for months to provide digital photographers a unique photo-sharing experience by linking photos with places. Each user can store up to 2GB worth of images (about 2000 photos with a 4MP camera) and “pin” them anywhere in the map.

“Those of you already using Google Earth have no doubt noticed Panoramio’s striking images documenting settings from all over the world, like moonscapes in Croatia; dramatic sunsets in Australia, and innovative architecture in the United Arab Emirates,” Google Earth director John Hanke said. “Panoramio has been working with Google to incorporate Panoramio photos into Google Earth for some time. We believed a deeper relationship would add value to the Panoramio experience for our users.”

Panoramio’s site announcement says the acquisition is to be closed sometime mid-June. Financial terms and conditions of the deal were not disclosed.

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