Google Maps exposing Human-Camel relationships?

Inspired by the quality journalism currently being undertaken at The Blogging Times, I interrupt 901am’s usually family friendly viewing with an important question: is Google Maps exposing Human-Camel…well…use your imagination. Steve Rubel posts on a new Google Maps hack that allows closer than ever close ups from Google’s extensive satellite imagery, and what do we get?

camelsex Google Maps exposing Human Camel relationships?

What is this man doing to this camel? Prep work for an artificial insemination program for endangered camels? Why has Google indicated that one camel is more special with a green arrow? Is he the next target? I guess it’s true, everything on the interwebs comes back to sex.

I now return you to more family friendly viewing. :-)

PS: the hack works like this. Find a location, switch to satellite view and click the “link to this page” URL then change the number after the “z=” in your URL to a higher number to get a closer look at the mating rituals in your local neighborhood.

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  1. haha
    maybe milking camels is the new thing in the middleeast nowadays

  2. Doesn’t work in my neighbourhood. But then, there aren’t any camels in Canada. Except the rare, invisible Arctic Camel.

  3. Vince Williams says:

    I’d be afraid to look.

    That poor camel with the green arrow looks like skin and bones.

  4. Vince Williams says:

    Those Arctic Camels aren’t really invisible– they’re white. They don’t show against the snow.

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