Google Reader for the Nintendo Wii

Via recently launched Read/WriteWeb sibling last10 I found the Wii version of the Google Reader, my RSS feedreader of choice. Naturally I couldn’t resist checking it out and it looks decent enough. You can watch it in your browser, on your Wii of course, or thanks to Youtube below.

Oh, and there’s a post on it on the Google Reader blog as well. Splendid.

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  1. TDH
    Why and WTF? Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wii, I’ve got component cables out of it in to a 24″ HD LCD so I’ve got max in terms of resolution but surfing the net on my Wii? is difficult to use at the best of times, Wii channels provide novelty value, nothing more, why in the world would I want to read my feeds via my Wii? The only thing I want with my Wireless Wii connection is online gaming, that will give me a reason to use the functionality.

  2. I love watching YouTube on my Wii.

  3. I can understand your standpoint, Duncan, but you’re forgetting the most important thing here: Why not?

    From the Google Reader team’s standpoint it’s a simple thing to do, just do an Opera version (Opera powers the Wii web browser) made for TV screens.

    From a user’s standpoint it’s a matter of accessibility. Not everyone have the kind of equipment I suspect you have, and know I have. Sure, I prefer to browse on my MacBook or any one of my three other work/playstations in the computer park, but not everyone have that luxury. And besides, I think the Labs team are targeting Minic and his likes on this one…

    Personally I’m thinking of making a Wii only (or gaming only) feed for me to read on my Wii, with trailers and stuff, which I could then watch on my flatscreen. Then again, sure, I doubt I’ll use it much. The Wii web browser has some purpose to it, but Google Reader via the Wii, well, that’s a novelty for me. A fun one nonetheless.

  4. Minic
    agree that YouTube videos on the Wii are pretty good, now if only I could get them via a kid friendly channel I could let my 4 year old go for it , he loves YouTube and loves the Wii :-)

  5. There you go, Duncan! There you go. Set up a kiddie account! :)

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