Google search in your Bimmer

google bmw Google search in your BimmerBMW is taking Google to the roads. A first of its kind, BMW now offers Google local search functionality in the car, allowing BMW car owners to search for local information on their dashboards, wherever they are. Or at least wherever in Germany they are.

This new BMW service allows car owners instant search for relevant on-the-road information such as names and addresses of hotels, banks, restaurants, and universities, among others — a development that bridges the gap between the automobile and the internet. Apparently, this is another step to the “ConnectDrive” initiative by BMW which “combines all individual online, assistance and service systems in the car”

While the service is only available in Germany, the idea is to expand it statewide. Also, what are the chances that the service becomes available across other car makes? Not far from happening.

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  1. I thought Google was only taking over the internet! It is now taking over GPRS driving directions too!!
    But then, I’m sure that it will do great things for cars too, like it did for the internet. Hoping to get one of these!

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