Greenspan, another Harvard classmate, claims to be the original Facebook founder

greenspan Greenspan, another Harvard classmate, claims to be the original Facebook founderWhile Mark Zuckerberg is still facing charges made by three of his Harvard classmates who claim to be the original founders of the ever controversial Facebook, another claimant makes himself known.

Aaron Greenspan, 24, also a Harvard classmate, claims he’s the real founder of the billion dollar social network, presenting email messages, including ones that have Zuckerberg’s responses, to strengthen his claim.

NY Times reports that six months before Facebook and ConnectU were launched, Greenspan created an online service entitled houseSYSTEM which thousands of Harvard students used for school-related purposes. In Greenspan’s houseSYSTEM, “the Face Book” is a feature that allows users to locate other students within the network. Zuckerberg was one of the users. Four months later, Zuckerburg launches “”

While Greenspan is not pressing financial charges, he wasn’t at peace with how things turned out. Hence, as a last word, he’s written a 306-page unpublished autobiography entitled “Authoritas: One Student’s Harvard Admissions” which documents the story behind his “search for justice”.

“This book is partly a search for justice,” he wrote in the introduction of Authoritas. “You don’t write an autobiography in your early 20s unless there’s something you need to get off your chest.”

Zuckerberg was reported to be not available for an interview, saying he was not sure how to respond.

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