hi5 Launches New Music Applications By iLike and Qloud

hi5 hi5 Launches New Music Applications By iLike and Qloudhi5 Networks announced the launch of two new music services on its social network through collaborations with iLike and Qloud. iLike and Qloud each launched an application on hi5 by leveraging the common set of OpenSocial APIs to deliver new music services to hi5′s more than 70 million registered members– making these the first applications using OpenSocial to go live on hi5.

The iLike application will enable hi5 users to post songs and videos on their profiles. Artists who previously had to maintain a separate presence on hi5 can now reach their fans on hi5 via the iLike Universal Artist Dashboard, which will also syndicate their content on other channels across the Web.

The Qloud My Music application will also now be available to the international hi5 population. By installing the My Music application, users can immediately see and legally play entire songs and videos from their complete iTunes libraries within their hi5 profile. My Music also allows users to see and play online the iTunes libraries of their friends, view and exchange playlists with their friends, browse and play the most popular songs among their social groups, and add their hi5 friends’ songs to their own hi5 profile libraries.

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