Historicity of Blog Metrics

676556 4e089b2122 m Historicity of Blog MetricsMy network is bigger than your network. Jason Calacanis is done with blog networks. Or is he? Today the conversation continues in the normal annoying high pitched voice over at Calacanis.com, his all too famous homepage. Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs Inc and Nick Denton, founder of Gawker have often feuded about metrics.

I really don’t understand some of his arguments. But he’s got some gall saying that no one can ever catch Gawker or WeblogsInc. Does anyone really want to? I doubt it. It’s like saying no one will catch Gigaom. I mean there’s different voices for different people. Engadget has a voice that appeals to a large swath of society and that’s great.

But let’s remember its not always who starts first who remains forever. The fate of certain properties online are never permanent. In fact AOL isn’t shy about closing blogs. So claims of everlasting endurance as the pinnacle of geek blogging may have come too soon.

Imagine a world where Digg launched a few verticles of its own to augment its already hefty social bookmarking site. It easily could do it. I imagine it could even get bloggers and some journalist to write for nearly free for just the chance of getting that close to the fountain of everlasting traffic.

So Calacanis’ claims are far fetched, but he’s always been a visionary. So we have no choice but to respect him. Even if he’s a little off in the head. I mean who knows what will happen at AOL/WIN in the next 5 years.

Source: The Blog Herald
Img Source: Peter Kaminski

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