ICANN Says ‘No’ To Internet Red Light District

msaleem icann ICANN Says ‘No’ To Internet Red Light DistrictThe ICANN Board today rejected a proposal to create web addresses ending in .xxx in a vote ending 9-5 (1 abstention), and sent a broader message that ICANN will not accept the role of content regulator on the Internet.

ICANN, had been asked to allow the creation of web addresses ending in .xxx to specifically indicate sources of pornography and adult entertainment, and in effect create a virtual red light district on the internet.

Vint Cerf, the Google Inc. senior executive who is also chairman of ICANN, said the board’s decision had nothing to do with the actual content of the sites in question. Rather, the rejection came because the proposal could be seen as ICANN creating rules effecting Internet content, which is at odds with its mandate to oversee the way Internet operates in order to ensure open and fair participation by all.

MarketWatch has more.

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