Insincerity thy name is Michael Crook

crook Insincerity thy name is Michael CrookInfamous Craiglist sex ad scammer and DMCA miscreant Michael Crook has been forced to apologize to camera as part of a settlement with the EFF on behalf of 10 Ten Zen Monkeys.

Michael Arrington @ TechCrunch believes the video goes to far and humiliates Crook. I don’t agree because as apologies go, Crook’s is well..crook. I’m not sure if he could appear to be more insincere if he tried, and indeed he goes to great lengths to justify his actions, including the insane defense of “who knew you can’t control your own image”. If I was the EFF I’d send the video back and demand jail time for this holocaust denying scum bag, because that’s what he truly deserves.

You can watch the video at Blip.TV here.


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  1. You mean Michael Crook has dignity? Where? He deserved everything he got.



  1. [...] The greatest criticism of the settlement came from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, who felt that EFF might have been overzealous in demanding the video apology, destroying Crook’s dignity along the way. Others, though very happy about the outcome, criticized the video because they felt Crook’s apology was insincere. [...]

  2. [...] But wait, it gets better, because as well as serving jail time for extortion, Hornbaker wasn’t just your garden variety, every day extortionist, he was an internet extortionist as well, frequenting AOL Chat rooms trying to extort money from wayward husbands. Yep, he’s 1996’s version of Michael Crook. [...]

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