iPhone research generates many searches

As the final hours of an iPhone free world count down Internet research firm comScore released data related to U.S. search activity for the last few months about Apple’s hot gadget. This data in summary shows an average of 274,000 iPhone searches per week since the beginning of the year.

The study shows that through June 24 nearly 6.9 million searches were conducted which include the term “iPhone.” The most commonly searched for related topics included iPhone price and iPhone release date. When the product was first announced in January iPhone searches hit over 1.1 million during the first week alone, settling down to a smaller range in the weeks following. After Apple did a big advertising push earlier this month search results jumped back over 1.2 million for the week ending June 24.

“The iPhone launch is likely to be one of the biggest product launches in history, and the activity we’re seeing online clearly reflects widespread consumer interest,” said James Lamberti, senior vice president of search solutions at comScore. “This study also helps underscore the significant role search plays in both online and offline retail, since many of those researching the product online will be lining up at the bricks-and-mortar retailers to purchase their new iPhones.”

comscore iphone iPhone research generates many searches

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