Japan’s next-generation network slated in 2015

Do you want a network that can transfer data at 10 gigabits per second? Well, you might have to wait until 2015.

According to Nikkei, Japan’s government-affiliated National Institute of Information and Communications Technology together with companies like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., Fujitsu Ltd., KDDI Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corp. and NEC Corp. will develop an optical network that will eventually render the Internet Protocol (IP) obsolete.

In the next five years this group estimates about $260 million in terms of investment. In return, it will enable about 100 billion devices to simultaneously the network while still enjoying high-speed data transfer. Moreover, it can also provide super fast and stable internet access even on moving trains.

US and Europe are also developing next-generation networks. Knowing Japan’s penchant for precision, this project might even be advanced.

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