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Land Rover leverages mobile advertising to reach high-net set on iPhones

Land Rover and AdMob announced a highly targeted mobile advertising campaign designed to reach high net worth customers browsing the mobile web.  Land Rover’s campaign utilizes AdMob’s new custom targeting to reach consumers based on mobile-specific factors as well as specific devices, bringing mobile marketing to a new level.
The Land Rover campaign is also the first to use AdMob’s iPhone ad unit to reach high net worth individuals.  The Land Rover iPhone ad has a store locator in the banner ad itself.  This allows mobile phone users to type in their zip code and see a map and directions to the nearest dealer.
Of those users who clicked on the Land Rover advertisement, 23% responded to at least one call-to-action on the landing page.  88% of those users watched the video, 9% entered their zip code to find a nearby Land Rover dealership and 3% used the click-2-call action, all of who were highly qualified leads.  Of the 3% who clicked to call through the advertisement, 50% of the calls lasted more than 30 seconds and 20% of the calls lasted for more than a minute.


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