Majority of online users not worried about privacy

Despite the public clamor against Facebook’s controversial ad system, a new survey by non-profit Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 60% of Internet users say they are not worried about how much information is available about them online.

Understandably, almost the same percentage does not feel compelled to limit the amount of information about them online. In short, digital footprint does not matter much to majority of online users these days.

And because many online users do not care much about their personal info shared online, more than half (53%) have searched online for information about friends, family, romantic interests, or business colleagues.

In terms of privacy, only 38% have made some steps to limit their information in the Internet. Given the statistics provided, I find myself asking the same question asked by InformationWeek: Is privacy really a legitimate issue if only a fifth of those online express serious concerns about it?

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