Mandela’s No Easy Walk to Freedom to go digital

proquest2 Mandelas No Easy Walk to Freedom to go digital Nelson Mandela’s collection of articles, speeches, letters and trial transcripts documenting his life and imprisonment compiled in a book entitled No Easy Walk to Freedom will finally go digital.

The agreement has been made between Mandela and Proquest, a leader in collection, organization, and publishing of information. Initially published in 1965, the digital version is expected to be out by December this year.

“Nelson Mandela holds a unique place in the global imagination as a symbol of African freedom and independence, and No Easy Walk to Freedom is one of the most significant works of the anti-apartheid movement. ProQuest is privileged to be able to republish this volume as part of our digital edition of the African Writers Series”, said Dan Burnstone, Publishing Director, Proquest’s Chadwyck-Healey.

It’s good to see eye-opening books going digital to appeal to the technology-driven generation. I could hope that this feat would educate more people around the globe about apartheid.

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  1. Add Meghan Huckaby to the list!!


  1. [...] am not sure how reliable this information is as I have only read about it on one blog. But I read a post on Sunday that tells of Nelson Mandela’s book, No Easy Walk To Freedom is going to be made [...]

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