MediaWhiz acquires full ownership of AuctionAds

auction ads MediaWhiz acquires full ownership of AuctionAdsAfter acquiring TextLinkAds last November, MediaWhiz makes another acquisition of a popular online advertising network, AuctionAds.

Launched in March, AuctionAds has been providing contextual eBay auctions and paying out 100% eBay affiliate fees to publishers. AuctionAds have 20,000 publishers on their network to date. With this recent acquisition, Mediawhiz continues to deliver custom marketing programs for brand advertisers, direct marketers, and publishers.

MediaWhiz partly owned AuctionAds when it was first launched but has purchased full ownership from Shoemoney Media for an undisclosed price.

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  1. Hi,
    Its a good program, and I have been using it. But I am beginning to notice serious tracking issues.

  2. Now that’s the power of advertising online.


  1. [...] AuctionAds has been sold to MediaWhiz for an undisclosed fee. I learned this via 901am. [...]

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