Netscape relaunches My.Netscape. Web yawns in unison

netscape 2 Netscape relaunches My.Netscape. Web yawns in unisonThe folks at AOL have announced the relaunch of My.Netscape, a site that apparently offered a customized home page ala myYahoo that will now offer the same thing…with a liberal dose of Ajax.

Who cares? At least when Jason Calacanis was running the show it was a little bit interesting to watch, after all Calacanis is one of the few people in this world with a more wicked tongue than yours truly, but now? Netscape is a footnote in the history of the web, a dinosaur which AOL continues to disrespect like a 40 year old whore past her prime who is forced out onto the streets because the pimp tells her it must be done. AOL: do the world a favor: retire Netscape so that we can remember her as the 18 year old virgin she once was, not the sleazy, worn out, wrinkled hooker she has now become, having done so much in the past, she deserves the respect.


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  1. Amen Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Netscape is releasing a new version of their browser soon. I do however enjoy the digg-clone that Netscape has become. I think it is better than digg for other topics besides Technology.

  3. Vince Williams says:

    Duncan waxes poetic. Nice.;-)

  4. I give it my best Vince ;-)

  5. what a dumb, linking baiting post.

    Netscape is mounting a great come back after a three year slide. They are doing things that Yahoo and Google aren’t even doing, and that innovative spirit will ensure they win longterm.

    Were you drinking when you wrote this one Duncan?! Really.

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