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Netvibes Premium Service to power leading media and social networking sites

netvibes.jpgNetvibes today announced the beta launch of Netvibes Premium Universe, which integrates Netvibes functionality into any company’s website to enable users to personalize the delivery of branded online content and applications, including RSS feeds, podcasts, photos, videos, stores, widgets and more. Netvibes Premium Universes are Universes that are incorporated seamlessly within a company’s web domain, giving it full control over all of its branding and content, such as customized feeds, layouts and menus. With Premium Universes, users enjoy the personalization and enhanced delivery of content while publishers benefit from keeping users on their site; retaining user traffic, navigation and revenue generation.

Netvibes Premium Universe offers a unique opportunity for companies to maintain their brand integrity while building and strengthening relationships with users who seek a relevant and customized experience online. A Premium Universe enables publishers to showcase and distribute their widgets while also hosting their users’ start page all within the publisher’s site.

Partners include Tagged, MIVA Direct, France’s Les Echos and Le Figaro have also integrated Premium Universes within their homepages to power their personalized news and media content online.

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