New Coca-Cola virtual world launches in

mycoke New Coca Cola virtual world launches in

Beginning this week, when people visit they will find themselves in a whole new virtual environment created by Makena Technologies, creator of

The new community, dubbed, ‘CC Metro,’ is designed to offer visitors a completely new experience rooted in the uplifting, optimistic attitude of the ‘Coke Side of Life.’ The new environment will provide activities that are fun, engaging and varied to help connect people within CC Metro. members will find options focused on music, gaming, sports and entertainment, including a skate park where they can test their ‘hoverboard’ skills and a theater featuring exclusive videos presented by Coca-Cola. Members will also be able to develop their own music through the ‘music mixer,’ socialize with other members via chat and voiceover IP, and explore other parts of CC Metro will replace the current ‘Coke Studios’ virtual environment located at

Through CC Metro’s 3-D virtual environment, which is located on a new Coca-Cola contour bottle-shaped ‘continent’ in, users can enjoy social networking and exclusive content not found anywhere else. Coca-Cola associations like American Idol, NASCAR and the Olympic Games will be part of the CC Metro experience. My Coke Rewards, the popular online rewards program, will be integrated into CC Metro, allowing users to obtain virtual merchandise through a My Coke Rewards store. Members can also purchase Therebucks, the virtual currency, to buy clothes and accessories for their avatar, as well as property, pets and vehicles.

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