New Media Wire – Fri Mar 30, 2007

Would You Watch Ads On Your Cell Phone?
Some people seem to think that you and I would be willing to watch ads on our cell phones in return for free calling minutes. A Harris Interactive survey suggests, however, that more people would prefer cash before minutes, and fewer people would accept free ringtones or discount coupons. I don’t know. Would you want to watch ads on your cell phone? I’d think the incentive would have to be high.

Who Reads More? Print or Online Readers?
You’ve probably read or heard that online readers only browse, have short attention spans, and probably don’t finish anything they start reading. That’s probably true of those that subscribe to hundreds of feeds, but a Poynter Institute study, Eyetrack, suggests that online readers actually complete more stories than print readers.

Twitter From the Founders’ Viewpoint
Alexandra Berzon at Red Herring gives a nice explanation of the success of Twitter from the founders’ point of view, and how the blogging of influential people such as Steve Rubel and Robert Scoble contributed significantly to that success.

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