New Media Wire – Fri May 04, 2007

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Lee Byron has created some fascinating infographics based on comprehensive user data. He uses algorithms to generate the graphics, then produces posters as tall as 6′ 3″. [via Information Aesthetics] If Viacom buys, they should buy some of these posters for the lobby of their headquarters, hopefully to remind them to keep grassroots.

More Newspaper Layoffs
Editor and Publisher has at least four posts talking about layoffs in the publishing biz. That’s just this week alone.

Public Domain Sounds
Need ringtones for your cell phone or VoIP software? Check out Public Domain Sounds. [via 21Talks] I haven’t listened to any of these, but it seems that you can probably use them for audio or video podcasts as well. They have an interesting presentation and even use a tag cloud to show what categories hold the most samples. If you like what’s there, you can subscribe to any of several RSS feeds.

Time’s Top 100 Influential People
Don’t know how you feel, but there are some scary people in the Leaders & Revolutionaries section of Time’s Top 100 list. Apparently, though, the list is based on public voting, so go figure. But man am I happy that SNL’s Tina Fey is on the list. Intelligence is sexy, and so is that fine-line scar on her cheek. If you want to see a compact list, check Editor and Publisher. Stephen Colbert didn’t make it this year, but there are a few web celebrities on the list. [NOTE: I had this written last night, but Minic beat me to posting with his Time 100 roundup.]

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