New Media Wire – Sat Apr 14, 2007

Twitterment: More Twitter Watching
Add one more Twitter app to the menu. Twitterment is sort of the Google Trends of Twitter. Enter a search term and it’ll come back with not only charts showing frequency of use of that term in Twitter, but also each tweet with that term, listed reverse chronologically. Each tweet also has the twitterer’s photo. Other Twitter-based apps include Twittervision and Twitterverse.

One chart shows average hourly usage trends. The second chart shows average frequencies by day of the week. Finally, there’s a tag cloud as well. (Google Maps are “temporarily disabled”, according to the message I saw.)

[via Download Squad]

Web 2.0 Classifieds?
Want your own Web 2.0 company? Check out Web2.0forsale. [via Download Squad]

Newest Gigaom Site: FoundRead
Om Malik, who has taken his singular, very popular Gigaom tech news website and expanded into a small network of sites, has a new site, FoundRead (intro). It’s a sort of repository for the “tribal wisdom” of entrepreuners that have learned various lessons about business and want to share that. Good luck, as always, to Om and FoundRead.

FlickrRivr + Apple TV
Dave Winer, who has had a profound influence on the development of the RSS format for web feeds, has a tool called FlickrRivr. He has a video showing how he uses FlickrRivr to pull in Flickr RSS feeds on his computer and then sends them wirelessly to his Apple TV device, resulting in a stream of photos displayed on his TV screen.

I didn’t see a lot of details for the FlickrRivr tool, but the general principle can be duplicated, I believe, in feed mashup tools like Yahoo Pipes. Build your mashed up feed, then send to your Apple TV device.

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  1. Thanks for the link to flickrRivr, and I’m sure other desktop apps will do what it does, but the software has to run on the desktop, at least for now.

    I’m sure at some point Apple will build in a RSS aggregator that sucks down feeds with pictures, in fact I suspect they’re already doing it for movie trailers, but there’s no way for a server-based app like Pipes to get in there.

  2. @Dave: Thanks for clarifying. I must have missed the fact that FlickrRivr is a standalone app. I don’t have an Apple TV (yet) to test my hypothesis :)

  3. have made an apple tv widget so users can get live tv right now. there is a default setting to get tv instantly and registering for free on give the ability to choose from thousands of streaming tv channels.. it was in the top 50 on apples downloads last week. look up ‘ apple tv widget’

  4. Dave Winer has made some progress on FlickrRivr, and gives better details than I did above. I now understand why it has to be a standalone app. Though you could probably pre-configure some Yahoo Pipes feeds with pictures and add their RSS URLs to FlickrRivr, if I’ve understood the app’s abilities correctly

  5. You’ve got the connection betw Pipes & FlickrRivr exactly right. :-)

  6. I guess I have to go buy an Apple TV device now, so I can mashup picture feeds in Yahoo Pipes and try out FlickrRivr :)


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