New people directory PeekYou claims 50 million profiles

peek you New people directory PeekYou claims 50 million profilesPeekYou, a people search engine, emerged from stealth mode today with the goal of being an open source directory of every individual online. The site seems to be off to a large start, claiming more than 50 million built profiles.

Each individual on PeekYou has their own personalized page and a PeekYou profile that will include bookmarked links to all information available about the target person. The site, as an open source directory, allows users the ability to edit, add or remove information, links, photos, and tags associated with their profile or other PeekYou user’s profiles. In addition, PeekYou provides human created search engine results, reducing nonspecific and incorrect matches.

“People searching is one of the most popular online exercises, but until now it has been a largely inefficient and often confusing experience,” said Michael Hussey, founder of PeekYou. “PeekYou is a true Web 2.0 ‘people search’ – we discover and map where people exist online, almost like writing a biography about your life on the net. In doing so, we are building the ideal engine for individuals to monitor their own online identity.”

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  1. Most interesting is that I typed the name of a few people I know and some are listed, eventhough they’re not members of the site.

    I wonder out of those 50 million profiles they say they have, how many people know their names are up there and b) where did they get the data for those 50 million profiles?

  2. I am not 1 in 50-million it would seem .. and, I try to “get my name out there” … I wonder where all these 50 million names come from too!

  3. I never registered with but they have information from my myspace page on their including my pictures and some “tags” I guess that are supposed to be associated with me. Except i don’t want them on there and there is no contact information on the website to have your information removed from their website. I hate

  4. I was on there too! They had a lot of good info on me. Seems like a pretty useful site

  5. I was on there with about six I.D’s…….having problems getting my OWN id set up……….links I never visited were on my page. Not only that, but my ENTIRE family was set up. Including my father and mother who had no idea about this site. Now when I try to log back into Peekyou, it takes me directly to some other site……..I have no idea who to contact, as it appears these are “ghost” writers

    At this point I am still waiting for an answer


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