NLPC: Google indifferent towards Internet video piracy

google video NLPC: Google indifferent towards Internet video piracyThe legal watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) sent a report to members of Congress detailing their research effort to examine the extent of apparent copyright violations on Google Video.

In the latest “spot check” of the site conducted from September 10 to September 18, NLPC discovered 300 additional instances of apparently copyrighted films, including over 60 movies released this year. Estimates credit Internet piracy theft for nearly $2.3 billion in lost revenue to the U.S. film industry.

The 300 apparently pirated films as well as many other copyrighted works continue to make their way to Google Video despite Google’s cited claim that it respects the rights of copyright holders and is continuing to take the lead in providing state-of-the-art tools for all copyright holders to identify and remove their intellectual property from the site.

“Google has been promising video filtering technology to screen for copyrighted content since at least the fall of 2006. On July 27th of this year, Google again announced that it would launch a filtering system by September of this year to prevent pirated material from being uploaded to its YouTube video sharing site. As of this Monday however, it appeared that Google still had not implemented the promised technology either for its YouTube or Google Video sites,” said NLPC Chairman Ken Boehm.

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